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Lots of classic car enthusiasts dream of having a beautifully restored collection of their favorite makes and models. With the advent of smart strategy and a targeted approach, building a classic car collection is definitely a dream that can happen. Planning and networking are the classic keys to collecting successfully.

Logistical Planning

Planning a collection needs to start with deciding where those classics will be stored. Some people choose to add-on to an existing garage, build a new structure, or buy a prefabricated building. For those not hindered by zoning or local ordinances, these permanent options might be more cost-effective over the long-term as compared to renting indoor space. If renting space is necessary, however, always confirm the specifics of how that space can be used. Not every storage space permits people to work on their vehicles. A glance at any busy auto repair shop floor explains why. Another logistic matter to consider is how purchased vehicles will be transported if they are not road-ready. Make arrangements in advance to avoid a last-minute flat-bed rental or transport service search.

Goal Setting

Not every classic car collector is a talented mechanic. Even among those who are, not everyone wants to be elbow deep in an engine, covered with grease. While some people revel in the hands-on vehicle restoration experience, others prefer it to be less of a project and more of a showpiece. Collectors who know exactly where they fall on the hands-on mechanical repair and restoration continuum tend to be more satisfied with their vehicle purchases in the long run. It helps reduce the number of never finished classics hanging around offering silent rebuke and slow decay. Some collectors advise settling on a specific collecting plan, including specific makes, models, years, or types, like muscle cars or Euro-sports, before buying. Others suggest maintaining flexibility, touting the joys of finding classics they didn’t know they wanted. Planning purchases makes sense financially, especially if the vehicle is going to need some work.

Community Involvement

Networking within the classic car community holds many benefits for the collector. Having a wide circle of contacts and friends can allow a collector to find great deals and learn from experts. Go to car shows and races. Be as generous with time and knowledge as you hope others will be.